Prime Movers

We have a large range of Prime Movers of all makes and models suitable for all types of transport requirements. We stock a full range, from single spec prime movers to Heavy Duty Triple Road-Train Rated Rigs, including B-Double and Double Road Train Specs.

Tip Trucks

We stock all makes of Tip Trucks for your cartage requirements. Many of these are suitable for pulling dog or pig trailers. We can supply new or second-hand Tip Bodies or Trays to suit your specifications through Vintrans, our licensed body building contractors.

Cab Chassis

These are available in both 6 wheel and 8 wheel configurations and can be converted to Prime Movers, Tip Trucks, and Tipping Trays as required. They are also suitable for easy conversions to agitators, drilling rigs, water tankers or to whatever you may require.

Semi Tippers / Side Tippers

These are available both New and Secondhand, as Triaxles or Bogeys. They are available with Grain Extensions and Roll Tarps if required. Pig trailers and Dog trailers are also available new or second hand, to your specifications.

Trailers – Flat Top, Drop Deck, Dollies

We have a good stock of triaxle flat top trailers, and some bogeys. Some are available with gates if required. Drop decks, new or used for general freight or with beavertail & ramps.


We always have a large range of used Loaders in stock, large or small to suit your requirements. Often with Quickhitch.


We have a range of used Excavators in stock, large or small to suit your requirements.


We stock a range of graders, such as Caterpillar, John Deere etc.


We stock a range of Multi-tyred, Double & Single drum Rollers.

Skid Steers

We often have a range of Skid Steers, track or rubber tyred in stock.