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Prime Movers

We have a large range of Prime Movers of all makes and models suitable for all types of transport requirements. We stock a full range, from single spec prime movers to Heavy Duty Triple Road-Train Rated Rigs, including B-Double and Double Road Train Specs.

At our facility, we boast an extensive inventory of prime movers, offering a diverse range of makes and models to fulfill a wide array of transport requirements. Our stock includes everything from single-spec prime movers to heavy-duty triple road-train rated rigs, encompassing B-double and double road train specifications. Whether you’re in need of a reliable workhorse for standard transportation tasks or a robust solution capable of handling heavy loads and long distances, we have the ideal prime mover to suit your needs. Our inventory is carefully curated to ensure quality and performance, providing you with options that deliver efficiency, reliability, and versatility. Trust us to provide top-quality prime movers backed by our dedication to exceptional service and customer satisfaction.